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The following is what drives Pons Paraclete, what guides our decisions and projects.  These are our beliefs, initiatives, values, and intentions.  

Family Friendly Mission Trips

The long term vision for Pons Paraclete is to develop mission projects that are economically and environmentally friendly for families to engage in service together. 

Hands on Learning

Studies have consistently shown that of all learning types, hands on learning is the most effective for retaining information and transcends beyond knowledge to an emotional connection.

Underprivileged Children

Underprivileged children, especially those in close proximity to human-animal conflict areas are more likely to engage in illicit wildlife activity.  Pons Paraclete intentionally targets these children, providing a necessary positive encounter with animals, hoping to instill a love for wildlife and nature that remains for their entire life. 

Conservation Education

As the world population increases, human conflicts with animals grow with it.  Collaborating with partners, Pons Paraclete develops curriculum and programs to instill a love and appreciate for wildlife, instilling that animals are a living creature to be treasured not a resource. 

Focused on Need not Replication

While animals and children are invariably involved, each project details shift to meet individual partner needs.  Pons Paraclete uses wildlife encounters as a conduit for developing opportunities to assist partner needs.  Like individual stripe patterns on tigers, no projects look the same. 

We believe people have an inherit desire to help one another.  Furthermore, opportunities to work in a specific area of interest results in joy.  So we strive to create projects for humble, others-focused service minded volunteers to use their natural gifts and talents to benefit people across the globe. 

Gifted Service


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